Hi, I'm Brett.

Here's just a sample of the things I've been spending time on recently. If you have questions or want more information on any project, let's chat.

Creative Coding

Poison Book

Physical Installation at AMNH
openFrameworks C++ Physical Computing

How You See

openFrameworks + OpenCV Kiosk
openFrameworks C++ OpenCV Physical Computing Fabrication

Physical Computing

Safe Crackers

Physical game using Arduino, python audio server
Physical Computing Fabrication Arduino Python

Drawing Machine

Voice controlled drawing machine using Arduino, Processing
Physical Computing Arduino Processing


Sasquatch Investigation Squad

Week-long investigation game
Game Design Physical Computing

The Great Balloon Escape

Game played in Washington Square Park
Game Design Balloon Tying

Design & Fabrication

Various Design

Graphic Design
Graphic Design Shameless self-promotion

Various Fabrication

Digital & Analog fabrication
3D printing woodworking