Hi, I'm Brett.

How You See

openFrameworks + OpenCV Kiosk

How You See is an interactive kiosk I worked on with Tom Arthur, Xuedi Chen, and Hannah Mishin for the NYU Interactive Telecommunication Program 2013 Spring Show. The application portion is written in openFrameworks and uses a webcam and kinect to illustrate how different areas of the brain process what we see. When a user plugs into the different areas, the connecting tubes light up in corresponding colors to a cast model of the brain next to the screen. You can then compare up to 4 areas at a time and see how each part discreetly processes the information it receives.

As a team, we created the entire kiosk which included fabrication, wiring the circuitry and physical interface, and coding the on-screen visuals.

Code on Github

openFrameworks C++ Physical Computing